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Can I Adjust the Quantities on a Shipment Plan I've Already Generated for Amazon


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Understanding Amazon FBA Shipment Plan Modifications

What are the limitations on altering quantities in an Amazon FBA shipment plan?

Quantities can be altered up to 5% or up to 6 units above or below the initial amount.

Are there any costs associated with modifying quantities within these limits?

No, there are no charges for modifying quantities within the specified limits if you have already accepted the shipment plan.

What should I do if I need to add more units beyond the allowed limit?

If you need to add more units, you will need to duplicate the shipment or create a new one.

Can I add more Amazon SKUs to my existing shipment plan?

No, you are not allowed to add more Amazon SKUs to an existing shipment plan.

In summary, Amazon FBA shipment plan modifications are subject to specific limitations, and exceeding these limits may require duplicating or creating a new shipment. Additionally, adding more Amazon SKUs to an existing plan is not permitted.

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