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Can I Ship to More Than One FBA Location at Once


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How can Amazon shipments be divided and delivered to multiple fulfillment facilities?

Amazon allows shipments to be divided among several fulfillment facilities. Here's what you need to know:

What should you do if your shipment is divided among multiple fulfillment facilities?

When your shipment is split among several Amazon FBA locations, each facility will receive a unique FBA ID from Amazon.

What's the important information to consider in this situation?

If a shipment contains items for multiple FBA sites, it may need to be transloaded, which can increase warehousing costs compared to a single shipment.

What should you do when your shipment is divided between many fulfillment facilities?

When requesting a quote from Beeontrade, provide the FBA shipment IDs, fulfillment center details, and preferred delivery options.

Ensure your supplier affixes the proper FBA label to each carton to ensure each product reaches the designated fulfillment facility.

Is there an alternative to shipping to multiple fulfillment centers?

You can enroll in Amazon's inventory placement program if you prefer to send all your Amazon shipments to a single fulfillment center.

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