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Common Line Items on Beeontrade Quotes and Invoices


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Beeontrade Shipping Charges

Transparency in Quotes and Invoices

Beeontrade is dedicated to providing transparency in its quotes and invoices, clearly outlining the services for which customers are being charged.

Common Charges on Shipment

Trucking Fees

  • Bobtail
  • Chassis
  • Chassis Split

Customs Fees

  • Customs duties
  • Disbursement Service Fee
  • Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF)

Origin Fees

  • AMS fee
  • CFS (Container Freight Station) Fee
  • Export Customs clearance

Other Fees

  • Airline Terminal
  • Container Freight Station
  • Demurrage

For more information on each line item, please refer to the respective links provided.

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