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Do I need to palletize my goods


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Palletization Decision Factors

What factors influence the decision to palletize cargo?

Fragility of the cargo, destination, and transit mode.

What is palletization, and why is it done?

Palletization involves shrink-wrapping goods on pallets for easier handling and transit protection.

How does palletizing fragile cargo benefit shipment?

Shields fragile items from damage during transit.

What is the impact of palletization on shipment speed?

Palletized freight is quicker and easier for destination warehouses to unload.

Palletization and Shipment Modes

How does FCL shipment mode affect palletization?

FCL requires the entire container to be filled; palletizing reduces carton capacity but simplifies unloading.

Air Shipment Considerations

General Palletization Guidelines

Final Reminders

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