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Guidelines for Packaging and Damage Avoidance


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How to Safely Box Your Items for Secure Transit

Why is Proper Packaging Important?

  • To avoid financial loss from potential shipping problems.
  • To ensure insurance claims are not rejected.
  • Correct packaging by your supplier is essential.

Premium Double-Walled Packaging

  • Utilize sturdy double-walled containers.
  • Ensure boxes can support their contents' weight.

Secure Inner Cartons

  • Pack products securely in protective packaging.
  • Individually wrap fragile items with bubble wrap or foam cushioning (at least 2 inches thick).
  • Prevent items from touching the carton walls.

 Effective Cushioning

  • Use cushioning materials (foam, popcorn, kraft paper, airbags) at least 2 inches thick to fill gaps and prevent contents from shifting.
  • Avoid overfilling the box.

Choosing the Right Tape

  • Use strong plastic tape (2-3 inches wide) for light boxes.
  • For heavier boxes, use reinforced tape (at least 3 inches wide).
  • Avoid duct tape, masking tape, scotch tape, or kraft paper tape.

Protecting Items with Protrusions

  • Wrap and tape items with irregular shapes or sharp edges.
  • Fill empty spaces in master cartons with packaging material to prevent movement.

Sturdy Master Cartons

  • Ensure master cartons can support the weight of other cartons when stacked or withstand drops.
  • Collaborate with fulfillment centers for corrugated wall thickness specifications.

Preventing Moisture-Related Damage

  • Bag items susceptible to moisture or mud damage in plastic.
  • Use moisture-absorbing substances like desiccants for moisture-sensitive products.

Proper Pallet Arrangement

  • Neatly arrange boxes on sturdy pallets without overhanging.
  • Distribute weight evenly on the pallet and maintain a flat top surface.
  • Tag every box before stacking on a pallet.

 Amazon FBA Facility Requirements

If shipping to an Amazon FBA facility, adhere to Amazon's pallet requirements to avoid issues.

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