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How Can I Calculate the Number of Cartons That Will Fit on a Pallet


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How to Calculate Cartons on a Pallet

What is the calculation to determine cartons on a pallet?

To calculate how many cartons can fit on a single pallet, you can use the following formula: Divide the shipment's CBM (cubic meters) by 1.5.

Why is this calculation important?

This calculation is essential for estimating the number of cartons a pallet can accommodate. It's particularly useful for calculating storage costs or determining how many pallets are needed for shipping when palletizing at the origin.

Is the result an exact quantity of pallets?

No, the result is an approximate estimate. The exact number of pallets required can only be determined after the boxes are palletized.

How can this information be helpful for businesses?

  • Helps in planning storage space and costs.
  • Aids in optimizing the shipping process by determining pallet requirements.
  • Useful for budgeting and logistics management.

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