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How Can I Determine the Amazon LTL Charges to a Warehouse


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Calculate Trucking Costs in Amazon Seller Central

In Amazon Seller Central, you can calculate an approximate trucking cost that Amazon will charge you.

Process for Cost Calculation

  1. Step a: Go to the "Prepare Shipment" page after creating your shipment plan.
  2. Step b: Choose "LTL and Amazon-Partnered Carrier" from the list of shipping services.
  3. Step c: Fill out Section 3: Shipment Packing completely and click "Confirm" in the bottom right corner.
  4. Step d: Estimate pallet information by using specific principles (height, weight, and volume) and avoid checking the Stackable Pallets box.
  5. Step e: Calculate the fees in Section 4: Shipping Charges using given parameters.
  6. Step f: Choose a date for the freight ready date, select a contact, and set the freight class.
  7. Step g: Enter the commercial worth of your shipment and then select "Calculate."

Using Online Calculators for Pallet Estimation

  • Online calculators may underestimate pallet details.
  • They are not always completely accurate.
  • Be cautious when relying solely on these tools for estimation.

Final Delivery Fees

If you choose Amazon LTL, Amazon will be the one to charge you for the final delivery fees, not Beeontrade. Refer to "Amazon US/Canada Delivery: Estimating Prices" for cost estimates of different final delivery options.

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