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How Do I Estimate Customs Duties


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Understanding Customs Duties with HTS Code

How to Estimate Customs Duties?

If you know the **Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code** for the products you are importing, you can estimate the customs duties you will need to pay. Follow these steps:

Enter HTS Code

Enter the HTS code in the search bar.

Calculate Duty Rate

Calculate the duty rate by multiplying the total value of your imported products (as stated on the commercial invoice) by the applicable duty rate.

Seek Expert Assistance

Reach out to our experts at any instance for help or assistance.

Consider Additional Duties

Keep in mind that additional duties such as anti-dumping or countervailing duties may also apply. If your products are of Chinese origin, they may be subject to **Section 301 duties**. Use the HTS code search to determine if additional duties apply to your products.

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