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How Do I Ship My Package to One Fulfillment Center


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Amazon Fulfillment Center and Inventory Placement Service

What is Amazon's Inventory Placement Service?

Amazon's Inventory Placement Service allows you to assign units of a single product or ASIN to a single fulfillment center.

How does Amazon's Inventory Placement Service work?

When you choose this service, you only need to deliver your package to the designated fulfillment center. Amazon will then distribute it to several fulfillment centers on your behalf.

What happens with a standard FBA shipment?

By default, Amazon may distribute units of a single product or ASIN to various Amazon fulfillment centers with a standard FBA shipment.

Can I choose the fulfillment facility for a product?

No, Amazon decides which fulfillment facility receives a shipment of a product.

Does Inventory Placement Service prevent package division?

No, even if a shipment contains numerous items or ASINs, the cargo may still go to different fulfillment centers. Different fulfillment facilities may receive different unit types of a single product (for example, normal size vs. large).

Amazon Fulfillment Center and Shipment Distribution

  • Amazon's Inventory Placement Service allows you to consolidate units of a single product in one fulfillment center.
  • Standard FBA shipments may distribute units across various fulfillment centers.
  • You cannot choose the fulfillment facility for a product.
  • The service does not guarantee that packages won't be divided.

Important Considerations

  • Plan your shipments carefully, considering Amazon's distribution system.
  • Be aware that different fulfillment centers may handle different unit types.
  • Understand the limitations of the Inventory Placement Service.

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