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How Does Beeontrade Incorporate GRI and PSS


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Understanding Freight Charges: GRI, PSS, and Beeontrade Quotes

Introduction to Freight Charges

When getting a quote from freight forwarders like Beeontrade, two main charges you might encounter are the General Rate Increase (GRI) and the Peak Season Surcharge (PSS).

What is GRI?

  • A rate adjustment applied regularly by ocean carriers.
  • Usually announced at the start of a new year or quarter.

What is PSS?

  • A surcharge applied during peak shipping seasons.
  • Commonly occurs in the lead-up to Christmas.

Beeontrade's Business Model

Beeontrade operates on a simple markup of underlying freight costs, which are set by carriers and can fluctuate.

Types of Rate Adjustments in Beeontrade's Quotes

  • General Rate Increase (GRI)
  • Peak Season Surcharge (PSS)

Transparency in Beeontrade Quotes

Beeontrade aims for transparency by including any announced GRI and PSS in their quotes.

How Do GRI and PSS Affect My Quote?

Your Beeontrade quotes will include GRI and PSS, ensuring you pay a pre-agreed price if your cargo ships within the quote's validity period.

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