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How long would it take for my package to arrive at Amazon US


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Shipping Transit Times to Amazon Fulfillment Facility

How long does it take for shipments to reach Amazon's fulfillment facility?

Depending on your chosen shipping method, the time it takes for your shipment to reach the Amazon fulfillment facility varies. Here are the anticipated transit times:


For FedEx, shipments to any local location typically arrive on the following working day.

Beeontrade LTL

Shipments using Beeontrade LTL can be expected to arrive within 7 business days after the products are ready for pickup.

Amazon LTL

When using Amazon LTL, shipments usually take 1-2 weeks from the time the items are ready for pick-up.

FCL Direct Delivery

For FCL Direct Delivery, your shipments should arrive within 7 working days after the products become available for pickup.

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