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How much time is required to pick up a container at the port


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Why isn't the container available for pickup upon vessel arrival?

The container isn't instantly available for pickup upon vessel arrival due to logistical processes.

How long does it take for shipments to become available for pickup?

The unloading of shipments from oceangoing ships with over 10,000 containers can take 1-3 business days.

When is an FCL shipment ready for pickup?

An FCL shipment becomes ready for pickup after it is unpacked and positioned in the container yard at the arrival port.

What about LCL shipments? How are they made available for pickup?

LCL shipments need to be trucked to a Container Freight Station (CFS) and de-consolidated before they can be picked up.

Why is it essential to pick up shipments promptly from the CFS or Container Yard?

To avoid demurrage fees, it is crucial to pick up shipments from the CFS or Container Yard before the Last Free Day.

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