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How much weight is chargeable


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The Basis of Shipment Pricing

How does the airline determine the price of my shipment?

The airline bases the price of your shipment on the chargeable weight. Whichever is bigger, **volumetric weight** or **gross weight** may be used.

What factors influence the chargeable weight?

Every ship, truck, and aircraft has a carrying capacity constrained by weight or space.

  • If you load a ship with substantial cargo, you risk exceeding its weight capacity before using up all of the available room.
  • Light cargo can be loaded onto a ship to the maximum capacity without exceeding the weight restriction.

How is the cost determined?

The carrier takes into account both the weight and the volume of your cargo when determining how much it will cost to move it, translating the volume into a "weight equivalent," often known as **volumetric weight**.

  • The larger of the actual weight (gross weight) or the volumetric weight will be charged per kilogram by the carrier.
  • This explains why you could occasionally see both real weight and chargeable weight in your shipment record, especially when sending by air.

What is the significance of actual weight and chargeable weight?

When you submit your initial quote request, you must specify the actual weight. Gross weight equals actual weight. The chargeable weight listed on your invoice represents the cost the carrier incurred to transport your shipment.

  • The charged weight is the heavier of the gross weight or the weight in volume.

Formula for Volumetric Weight

Calculations of volumetric weight vary depending on the route of transit and occasionally the trade lane.

How can I determine the billable weight of my package more precisely?

The best course of action is to ensure that the data you supply in your initial quote request is as precise as possible.

  • Once the shipment is picked up, discrepancies may occur, often due to palletization. Knowing how your product is packaged and palletized can make the estimate more precise.

Locating Chargeable Weight Information

The chargeable weight is shown on both your Beeontrade invoice and the Airway Bill, which you may obtain under the Documents page for a specific shipment.

  • Because the airline will carry a mixture of lighter and heavier items to guarantee a safe flight, your package may be divided.

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