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How to Ship to Australia's Amazon


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Importing Goods into Australia for Amazon FBA

How can I import goods into Amazon FBA Australia as a foreign entity?

If you want to import goods into Amazon FBA Australia as a foreign entity, you can do so. However, there are important considerations to keep in mind.

What are the requirements for importing goods into Australia for Amazon FBA?

To import goods into Australia for Amazon FBA, you need to meet specific requirements. Here's what you need:

  • Packing List for Commercial Invoice
  • Packing Declaration (identifying the use of approved materials as dunnage and pallets)
  • Authentication of Origin (for goods made and exported from Free Trade Agreement countries)
  • Compliance with Australian standards for wood products and packaging (for any wood products, pallets, or packing)

How can I apply for GST and an ABN in Australia?

To apply for GST and an ABN (Australian Business Number) in Australia, you can do so online. For the ABN application, you'll need to provide identification documents if you don't have a TFN (tax file number).

Shipping to Australia for Amazon FBA

What is the process for shipping goods to Amazon FBA in Australia?

Shipping to Australia for Amazon FBA involves several steps:

  1. Select Items to Ship:
    • Use the Manage Inventory page to choose the items you want to ship.
    • Create a single shipment plan for all SKUs; it's not necessary to segment shipment plans by SKU. Amazon may divide your cargo into more fulfillment locations if you segregate them.
  2. Choose Shipping Strategy:
    • From the drop-down menu, select "Send/Replete Inventory."
    • Decide whether to make a new shipping strategy.
  3. Select Ship From Address:
    • Choose the address listed under "Ship From," which is the facility from which your package will be picked up and sent to an Amazon fulfillment center.
  4. Execute Shipment Plan:
    • Click "Execute shipment plan" to proceed.
  5. Additional Steps:

What transportation options are available for shipping to Amazon FBA in Australia?

It's important to note that LTL (Less than Truckload) and SPD (Small Parcel Delivery) options are not currently offered by Amazon-partnered carriers for Amazon Australia. Your shipment will be transported directly from the Beeontrade-partnered warehouse to the FBA warehouse via individual trucks.

How can I grant access to my operations team for Amazon Seller Central?

To grant access to your operations team for Amazon Seller Central, follow these guidelines:

  • A professional Seller Central account is required for sharing access.
  • Your operations team should have restricted access to enable Beeontrade to download FBA and pallet labels and enter necessary data for faster shipping.

How can I track my shipment when it's in transit?

You can track your shipment by entering the PRO

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