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How to Use Beeontrade to Ship to Amazon US/Canada


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How to Create a Shipment Plan for Amazon US/Canada with Beeontrade

Making a Shipment Plan in Amazon Seller Central (US/Canada)

Learn how to create a shipment plan for Amazon US/Canada using Beeontrade.

Deciding on Your Final Amazon Shipping Method (US/Canada)

Discover how to choose the most suitable delivery method for your Amazon US/Canada shipment and estimate the associated costs.

Sending a Quote Request to Beeontrade (US, Canada, and EU)

Find out what information is required when sending a quote request to Beeontrade for shipping to the US, Canada, or the EU.

Sharing Amazon Seller Central Access (US/Canada and EU)

Learn why and how you should grant Beeontrade access to your Amazon Seller Central account for US/Canada and EU shipments.

Monitoring Your Shipment (US/Canada)

Discover how to track the progress of your shipment to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the US using FedEx, Amazon LTL, Beeontrade LTL, or Beeontrade LCL.

See How to Ship to Amazon EU with Beeontrade

If you are shipping to Amazon EU, refer to the guide on shipping to Amazon EU with Beeontrade.

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