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If I don't want all of my goods shipped to Amazon, does Beeontrade offer storage


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Frequently Asked Questions About Beeontrade Warehouse and Storage

Can I delay sending my entire shipment to Amazon fulfillment center?

If you don't want your full shipment to be sent right away to an Amazon fulfillment center, Beeontrade can make arrangements to keep a portion of your products at a warehouse.

How are pallet storage costs calculated?

Pallet storage costs are calculated each week. You can get the price of storage at the warehouse where your package is being held from your committed Beeontrade staff.

What is the maximum storage duration for my goods at Beeontrade?

Beeontrade storage is typically only available for one month and is not a long-term option. Inquire about alternatives for long-term storage with your committed Beeontrade staff.

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