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Importing 3D Printers Into the U.S.


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Importing 3D Printers into the United States: Key Considerations

What is the HTS Code for 3D Printers?

When importing 3D printers into the United States, understanding the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Code is crucial.

  • The HTS Code for 3D printers and their parts is 8477.
  • Proper classification is essential to determine duty rates, regulations, and other requirements.

How Does FCC Certification Impact the Import Process?

FCC Certification plays a significant role, especially for 3D printers with Bluetooth or wireless capabilities.

  • If your 3D printer has built-in wireless features, it falls under FCC regulations.
  • Manufacturers must obtain an FRN and grantee code.
  • The product needs testing and certification from an authorized facility.

What If the 3D Printer Doesn't Have Radio Frequency Capabilities?

For printers without radio frequency capabilities, a disclaimer may be necessary.

  • In such cases, it's crucial to assess whether a disclaimer is needed.
  • Customs brokers can provide assistance in navigating this process.

Why Consult with a Customs Broker?

Collaborating with a customs broker is recommended for a smooth import process.

  • Customs brokers can guide you through classification and regulatory requirements.
  • They can assist in obtaining necessary certifications and codes.
  • Seeking guidance ensures compliance with U.S. regulations and minimizes complications.


Importing 3D printers involves navigating classification and FCC certification.

  • Proper classification under HTS Code 8477 is fundamental.
  • FCC regulations apply to printers with wireless capabilities.
  • Collaboration with a customs broker ensures a seamless and compliant import process.

For more information and personalized assistance, consult with your customs broker.

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