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Importing into the EU: Customs Duties


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Guide to Product Classification and Customs Duties in the EU

Identify the HS Code for Your Product

HS codes are 6-digit product classification codes used by the World Customs Organization. Follow these steps:

  • First two digits: Chapter classification
  • Next two digits: Headings within the chapter
  • Last two digits: Sub-headings within the chapter

Determine the CN Code for Your Product

The CN code is an 8-digit classification tool consisting of the 6-digit HS code and 2-digit CN subheadings.

Check the TARIC Database for Additional Information

Utilize the TARIC database on the European Commission’s website for trade policy and tariff measures:

  • Minimum of ten digits: Consisting of the 8-digit CN code and 2-digit TARIC subheadings
  • Search using the HS code or product description
  • Regularly updated for current information

Using the TARIC Database

Visit the TARIC Database on the European Commission’s website and enter the HS code or product description for your product in the search field. The results will provide you with the applicable TARIC code and information on any trade policy or tariff measures that apply to your product.

Important Notes

  • Correctly determine the TARIC code to avoid issues
  • Regularly check the TARIC database for updates
  • Consider seeking assistance from customs brokers if needed

Considerations for Customs Duties

Customs duties are not solely based on the value of goods. Consult with professionals to account for factors like quantity, weight, or size. Additionally:

  • Other costs such as VAT, excise duties, and import taxes may apply
  • Research and budget for all applicable trade-related costs

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