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Importing Makeup And Cosmetics Into the U.S.


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Regulations for Importing Cosmetics into the U.S.

Who Regulates Cosmetic Importation in the U.S.?

The importation and sale of cosmetics in the United States are regulated by the **Food and Drug Administration (FDA)**.

What Guidelines Does the FDA Provide for Cosmetics?

The FDA has established specific guidelines for the safety and labeling of cosmetics.

How to Classify Cosmetics for Import?

Imported cosmetics need to be classified using the **Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)**, a list of duties and taxes applied to imported items.

Why is Accurate HTS Classification Important?

Accurate classification is crucial to avoid issues with customs when importing cosmetics into the U.S.

What Safety Requirements Must Imported Cosmetics Meet?

Imported cosmetics must comply with FDA safety requirements, including proper labeling and absence of harmful substances.

Special Requirements for Eye Area Cosmetics

Cosmetics for the eye area, like mascara and eye shadow, have additional safety and labeling requirements.

How Does the CBP Define Makeup?

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) defines makeup as products used to color or beautify the face or body.

What Falls Under Cosmetics for Customs Duties?

For customs purposes, cosmetics generally fall under the HTS code 3304 heading.

Duties and Exceptions for Cosmetics

While most cosmetics are duty-free, products considered drugs or medicines may have applicable duties.

Assistance for Importers

Beeontrade can assist importers in navigating requirements for importing cosmetics into the U.S., covering classification, labeling, and safety.

Documents and Labeling Requirements

Documentation and labeling, including a display label with product information, are essential for compliance with FDA regulations.

Safety Compliance

It is crucial to ensure cosmetics meet safety requirements, avoiding harmful or prohibited substances.

Customs Bond for Items Over $2500

For items valued over $2500, importers may need a customs bond, a requirement Beeontrade can assist with.


Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is essential for a smooth importation and sale of cosmetics in the U.S.

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