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Importing Tablets and Display Screens Into the U.S.


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How to Import Tablets and Display Screens into the US

What is the HS Classification for Tablets and Display Screens?

Learn about the HS code and how to determine the correct one for your products.

How to Obtain FCC Certification for Tablets and Display Screens?

Understand the importance of FCC certification and the process to get it.

How to Comply with FDA Regulations for Tablets and Display Screens?

Discover the FDA compliance steps for products containing lasers, LED, or Intense Pulsed Lights.

What are the Other Import Requirements for Tablets and Display Screens?

Explore additional import requirements beyond FCC and FDA regulations.

How to Go Through the FCC Certification Process for Tablets?

Learn the key steps for FCC certification and whether consumers need an FCC license.

What are the FDA Regulations for Tablets and Screens?

Find out the details of FDA regulation and how importers should submit necessary paperwork.

Which Products are Subject to FDA Regulation?

Identify the types of tablets and screens subject to FDA regulations.

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