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Proper Loading of Ocean Containers

Why is proper loading of ocean containers important?

Properly loading ocean containers is crucial for protecting your products during transit. It helps safeguard your cargo from damage caused by shifting during the ocean leg or from rattling and banging during rail transport.

What is "shipper's load, stow, and count"?

The term "shipper's load, stow, and count" means that your provider is responsible for loading the container, counting the cartons, and securing them. Neither the carrier nor Beeontrade is responsible for improper container loading.

What recommendations should be followed when loading a container?

  • Stack boxes evenly to distribute pressure, similar to an interlocking brick pattern.
  • Place lighter items on top and heavier freight at the bottom.
  • Pack cartons tightly to prevent movement.
  • Use dunnage to fill gaps and avoid restricting mobility due to space.

What tools can be used to secure the cargo?

You can secure the cargo using tools such as load bars, load belts, and supporting plywood (wood must comply with IPCC measures). Consult your provider to determine the best securements for your goods. Refer to Amazon's floor loading specifications and pallet specifications if your shipment is heading FCL.

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