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Making a Shipment Plan in Amazon Seller Central for Amazon EU Delivery


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How to Create an Amazon Shipment Plan

What is the first step to create an Amazon shipment plan?

To begin:

 On the Manage Inventory page, pick the items you want to ship.

Is it necessary to create separate shipment plans for different SKUs?

 No, it is not required. Create a single shipment plan for all SKUs you wish to ship.

What can happen if you separate shipment plans by SKU?

Amazon may divide your cargo into more fulfillment locations than necessary if you separate them by SKU.

What's the next step after selecting the items to ship?

From the drop-down menu, pick Send/Replete Inventory.

What decision should you make at this point?

Decide: Make a new shipping strategy.

How do you select the "Ship From" address?

Select the Ship From address: The address listed under "Ship From" is that of the Beeontrade facility from which your package will be picked up and sent to an Amazon fulfillment center. The location of the Amazon fulfillment center you are assigned frequently depends on the location of the warehouse you choose. THE SUPPLIER'S ADDRESS SHOULD NOT BE USED. Pick a ship from the location.

What should you do after selecting the "Ship From" address?

Click Execute shipment plan to continue. To create a shipment on Amazon, follow steps 1-3.

What information will you receive on the Review Shipments page?

You will be given a fulfillment center, or several fulfillment centers, on step 4, the Review Shipments page.

What should you do before approving the shipment plan?

Before you analyze your shipment strategy, go over the specifics. Very few details can be modified after you approve the shipment plan.

What is the final step in creating an Amazon shipment plan?

Approve the shipping strategy. The screen will switch from Review Shipments to View Shipments once the plan has been accepted. You will be taken to the Prepare Shipment page after creating your shipment plan. The final delivery method must be chosen on the Prepare Shipment page. For each fulfillment center you are given, a unique FBA shipment ID will be supplied.

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