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Pallet Specifications for Delivering FCL to Amazon


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Amazon Pallet Specifications for FCL Shipments

Why are Amazon's pallet specifications important for FCL shipments to their fulfillment center?

Amazon's pallet specifications are crucial to ensure that your container load is accepted at their fulfillment center. Non-compliance can result in rejection.

What are the general specifications for Amazon's palletization requirements?

  • Pallet Dimensions: Use regular or EUR pallets.
  • Pallet Size: Wood pallets should be 40" x 48" (or 1 m × 1.25 m) or higher, GMA Grade B or higher.
  • Height Limit: No single pallet may exceed 72 inches.
  • Stacking: Pallets may be stacked two high, up to a maximum of 100."
  • Weight Limit: Pallet weight limit is 1,500 lbs./680.4 kg.

Are there specific pallet requirements for groceries?

Yes, for groceries, GMA Grade A pallets are necessary. You can also use CHEP pallets that adhere to GMA Grade A and B industry standards.

Are there restrictions on using certain types of pallets?

  • Avoid shipping items on PECO pallets as they cannot be moved with a conventional pallet jack.
  • Amazon does not accept plastic pallets.

How should pallets be secured for FCL shipments to Amazon?

  • Leave more than 1" of overhang on either side of the pallet for carton boxes.
  • Pallets should be secured using load bars and tension (recommended but not required).

What is the recommended pallet arrangement when loading?

Pallet loading should be done with the pallets rotated, in a "turned" configuration.

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