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Questions and Answers about Sending FCL to Amazon


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Optimizing FCL Delivery to **Amazon**

When is a straight FCL delivery to Amazon feasible?

It is only feasible to make a straight FCL (full container load) delivery to **Amazon** if:

Using Ocean FCL for Product Import

If you are importing products, the feasibility of direct FCL delivery to **Amazon** depends on the shipping method:

  • **Ocean FCL**: Feasible for direct delivery.

Fulfillment Center Assignment in Amazon Seller Central

Check the details in your shipment plan on **Amazon Seller Central**:

  • If only one fulfillment center is assigned, straight FCL delivery is feasible.
  • If assigned to more than one fulfillment center, use **Amazon LTL** or **Beeontrade LTL**.

Supplier Labels at the Point of Origin

Considerations for successful direct delivery:

  • Supplier labels your package at the point of origin.
  • Direct delivery is not feasible if the shipment is not tagged at the origin.

Ensure these conditions are met for a smooth FCL delivery process to **Amazon**.

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