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Trucking Fees for FCL Deliveries


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Understanding Trucking Fees for FCL Deliveries

What are Trucking Fees for FCL Deliveries?

Trucking fees for FCL Deliveries are additional costs associated with shipping cargo using a Full Container Load (FCL) method.

What do these fees typically include?

These fees may encompass trucking wait fees and drop fees, which are part of the drayage process.

What is Drayage, and how is cargo transported in FCL?

Drayage involves transporting a full container by truck, and cargo can be unloaded in various ways at the destination warehouse.

What factors determine whether cargo incurs wait fees or drop fees?

The schedule, cost, and location are key factors influencing whether your cargo will be subject to wait fees or drop fees.

How does Beeontrade assist in choosing the right option for shipment?

Beeontrade collaborates with you and the receiving warehouse to determine the optimal delivery method for your cargo.

Understanding Live Unload & Trucking Wait Fees

What are Live Unload & Trucking Wait Fees?

These are additional charges that may arise during the delivery of a shipment using the FCL method.

How does live unloading work?

During live unloading, the truck driver waits while the container is being unloaded at the warehouse.

When do trucking wait fees come into play?

Trucking wait fees apply when the free waiting time (usually 1-2 hours) expires, and additional waiting time is needed, incurring an hourly charge.

When is live unloading cost-effective?

Live unloading is ideal for cargo that can be unloaded within two hours, especially if it's palletized and the warehouse has a forklift.

Understanding Drops & Drop Fees

What are Drops & Drop Fees?

Drops involve the driver leaving the container at the warehouse and returning later to pick up the empty container. Drop fees are associated with this process.

Why might a drop be necessary?

Drops are used when cargo cannot be unloaded quickly or immediately upon arrival at the warehouse, often due to factors like lengthy unloading times or warehouse congestion.

How are drop fees calculated?

Drop fees account for the extra trip made by the driver to retrieve the empty container, adding to the overall cost.

High-Volume FCL as a Cost-Effective Option

What is High-Volume FCL?

High-Volume FCL is a cost-effective option for frequent container arrivals, involving a drop-and-pick or drop-and-hook process.

How does high-volume FCL save on costs?

This method is less expensive than live unloading or drops, as it eliminates driver waiting time and extra trips.

Is high-volume FCL suitable for everyone?

High-volume FCL is ideal for businesses with a significant shipment volume, ensuring transportation cost savings and efficient container return.

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