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Types of Air Service


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Understanding Air Cargo Services

What are the main types of air cargo services?

When shipping cargo via air, there are three main types of service available:

  • Express Service: This is the fastest and most expensive option. Cargo is put on a direct flight to its destination.
  • Standard Service: This is the most common option. Cargo may make one or two stops along the way, where it may switch planes or undergo loading/unloading.
  • Deferred Service: This is the cheapest option among air services. It makes multiple stops along the route to its final destination.

How do I choose the right air cargo service?

The type of service you choose depends on the urgency of your shipment. Here are the key considerations:

  • Express Service: Ideal for extremely time-sensitive shipments.
  • Standard Service: Suitable for most shipments that aren't extremely urgent.
  • Deferred Service: Cost-effective but slower, best for less time-sensitive cargo.

Keep in mind that when shipping via air, an airline terminal fee will apply.

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