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What Amount of Cargo Fits Inside a Container


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Guidelines for Container Capacity

What are container capacity guidelines?

Container capacity guidelines indicate how much cargo can be packed into a shipping container.

What factors affect a container's capacity?

The container's capacity depends on the size of cartons, packing methods, and whether the cargo is palletized.

What is the "extend to" number and when is it feasible?

The "extend to" number is achievable mainly with small boxes.

Are there weight restrictions for cargo in containers?

 Yes, different weight limits apply based on mode of transport, region, and carrier.

Can a 44,000-lb consignment exceed a container's weight limit?

Yes, it might exceed the weight limit for a 40' container but still be within limits for truck transport in certain areas.

What's the solution when cargo exceeds weight restrictions for trucks?

In such cases, a tri-axle chassis or an overweight permit may be required for shipment.

Do rail shipments have specific weight restrictions?

Yes, each rail shipment has its own set of weight restrictions.

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