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What Costs Are Not Included in My Quote


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Understanding Beeontrade Shipping Quotes

What is Beeontrade's approach to providing shipping quotes?

Beeontrade only provides quotes with known costs, so additional costs a shipment might incur will not be included in the quote.

How are Beeontrade's quotes calculated?

Beeontrade's quotes are estimates of the foreseeable costs of a shipment based on the information submitted in a quote request.

What charges are not included in the quote but will be on the invoice?

  • Customs costs (unless you are using your own Customs broker)
  • Beeontrade cargo insurance (unless you are using your cargo insurance)

What additional charges may be on the invoice but not on the quote?

  • Chassis split fee
  • Delivery labor fee
  • Demurrage
  • Inside delivery fee
  • Pallet exchange fee
  • Per diem charge
  • Pre-pull charge
  • Residential delivery fee
  • Special delivery fee
  • Stop off fee
  • Storage charges
  • Trucking wait fee

How can I ensure a more accurate quote?

It's important to note that the more information you include in the quote request, the closer your quote will be to the final invoice. However, in some cases, the final invoice may be higher than the quote.

What if I am shipping to Amazon FBA using an Amazon-partnered carrier?

If you are shipping to Amazon FBA and using an Amazon-partnered carrier as your final delivery method, Amazon will bill you directly for trucking charges, and this cost will not be included in our quote or invoice.

Note: Beeontrade strives to provide accurate quotes based on available information, but additional charges may apply depending on specific circumstances and services chosen.

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