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What Effects Will Prime Day Have on My Supply Chain


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Amazon Prime Day Impact on FBA Vendors: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Prime Day on Amazon?

  • Every July, Amazon hosts a significant e-commerce event known as Prime Day for its Prime members.
  • The event features substantial savings on a wide array of products across the site.

How are FBA Vendors Affected by Amazon Prime Day?

  • Observations Before Prime Day: Noticeable spike in merchandise sent to Amazon FBA warehouses a few weeks before Prime Day.
  • Delivery Challenges: Delivering products in time may cause delays and additional costs.
  • Warehouse Appointments: Appointments for unloading become challenging to secure, especially for floor-loaded shipments.
    • Solution: Trans-load and palletize freight to simplify appointment scheduling.

Importers and Amazon Prime Day: A Closer Look

  • Problem: Amazon's LTL prices are competitive, but trucks are overworked before Prime Day.
  • Delivery Time Frame: Waiting up to 3 weeks for products to arrive with Amazon LTL.
  • Alternative Solution: Beeontrade offers trucking to Amazon with delivery in 7 days (quicker but costlier).
    • Consideration: Assess costs and benefits, inquire with Beeontrade for price estimates.

Challenges in Last-Mile Delivery and Warehouse Queues

  • Last-Mile Delays: Amazon's LTL trucks may face delays due to high demand.
  • Queue Issues: Truckers often wait in long queues before unloading at Amazon's warehouses.
  • Inevitable Delays: Delays and waiting fees for trucks may occur.

Preventing Problems: Recommendations for FBA Vendors

Factory Labeling: Ensure every carton is correctly labeled at the factory to avoid delays.

Beeontrade Access: Grant Beeontrade access to view/edit shipment plans in your Seller Central account.

Communication is Key: Inform Beeontrade staff about urgent shipments to Amazon FBA warehouses promptly.

Customer Responsibility: Customers must schedule and plan shipments; CSA associates can provide guidance.

Conclusion: Navigating Challenges During Amazon Prime Day

  • While some challenges may be unavoidable, proactive measures and collaboration with Beeontrade can mitigate potential issues.
  • Balancing cost, speed, and preparation is crucial for a successful Prime Day experience.

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