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What If the Actual Cargo Measurements are Different From What I Entered in the Quote Request


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Understanding Cargo Measurements and Freight Costs

How to Provide an Accurate Quote Request?

What should I consider when submitting a quote request to Beeontrade? Beeontrade recommends providing your best estimate of the shipment's total weight and volume for accurate quotes.

Cargo Measurement Process for FCL Shipments

What happens with cargo measurements for FCL (full container load) shipments? FCL shipments have their cargo weighed at the origin port when dropped off, and this weight is used to calculate freight costs.

Cargo Measurement Process for LCL Shipments

How are cargo measurements handled for LCL (less than container load) shipments? LCL shipments are measured at the CFS (container freight station) before consolidation, typically using cubic meters (cbm) as the unit, unless they are heavy (>800 kgs per cbm).

Calculating Freight Costs for LCL Shipments

How are LCL shipment freight costs determined? Freight costs for LCL shipments are calculated based on the cbm measurement at the CFS, and heavy LCL shipments are charged per 800 kgs.

Cargo Measurement Process for Air Shipments

What's the cargo measurement process for air shipments? For air shipments, carriers use the chargeable weight, which is either the gross weight or the volumetric weight, to calculate freight costs.

Possible Reasons for Measurement Changes

Why might measurements change from the initial quote request? Measurement changes can occur due to estimates, palletization, inaccurate equipment, or cargo shifting during transportation.

Impact of Measurement Changes on Invoices

How do changes in measurements affect LCL and airfreight invoices? Changes affect invoices as charges are based on volume and weight, including fees like container freight station, chassis, and pier pass fees for LCL shipments.

Notification of Measurement Changes

Will I be informed about measurement changes before finalizing the invoice? Yes, Beeontrade will inform you of any changes and provide reasons before finalizing the invoice.

Summary of Measurement's Impact on Invoices

In summary, how do measurement changes impact the final invoice? Measurement changes affect invoice line items based on volume and weight, initially estimated during the quoting process.

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