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What Information Do I Need For New EU Shipments


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What Information is Required for Initiating an EU Shipment with Beeontrade?

EORI Number

What is an EORI number?

An EORI number is the Economic Operator Registration and Identification number, mandatory for all EU customs shipments.

What if I don't have an EORI number?

If you lack an EORI number, we'll need to know who will serve as the Importer of Record.

VAT (Value Added Tax) Information

What VAT details are needed?

We require information about the VAT number under which the import will be filed. This includes whether you have a fiscal representative and if you possess a deferment account.

Company Registration Details

What company-related information is necessary?

We need your company's registration number and registered address.

Legal Entity Incorporation

Why is legal entity incorporation essential?

We require information about where your legal entity is incorporated.

Shipment Destination

Why do you need to know the destination?

We need to know the destination to ensure a smooth shipment process.

B2B or B2C Shipment

What's the significance of determining B2B or B2C?

We need to know whether the shipment is being sent to a business or a consumer.


Why is knowing the Incoterms important?

Understanding the incoterms (commercial terms) is crucial for customs clearance and compliance with EU regulations.

This comprehensive information is vital for ensuring your shipment with Beeontrade is processed efficiently and complies with EU regulations.

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