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What is the holiday shipping schedule for Amazon


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Amazon Fulfillment Deadlines

Why are Fulfillment Deadlines Important?

If you wish to sell your products on Amazon for Black Friday or Christmas, it's crucial to meet the fulfillment deadlines.

When are the Deadlines?

Here are the important deadlines:

  • Black Friday: Amazon advises that your cargo arrives at fulfillment centers by November 7th.
  • Christmas: For Christmas shoppers, Amazon suggests that your shipment arrives by December 1st.

Are These Dates Fixed?

Date suggestions are only estimates and could change.

How to Check Shipment Arrival Date?

To find out when your shipment will reach Amazon fulfillment centers:

  1. Send Beeontrade a quote request along with the cargo-ready date.
  2. Based on your cargo ready date and desired arrival date, Beeontrade will offer the best shipping option for you.

What Influences Arrival Date?

When your shipment reaches Amazon fulfillment facilities depends on the shipping method you choose. Booking early can help ensure on-time delivery.

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