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What Labeling Requirements Apply to Shipments to Amazon


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Understanding Amazon Labeling Requirements

What are the labeling requirements for Amazon sellers?

Depending on the delivery method to Amazon, different labeling requirements apply. Explore the specifics for each method in this article.

FNSKU Labels for Individual Products**

What is an FNSKU label?

An FNSKU (Fulfillment Network SKU) is assigned by Amazon to distinguish a product exclusively for a seller.

Is it mandatory for every product sold on Amazon?

Yes, every product must have an FNSKU label, but sellers can register their manufacturer barcode to meet this requirement.

What happens if the unit label is not registered as the FNSKU?

Unless registered as the FNSKU, unit labels on the actual goods are not considered Amazon labels. Each product needs a distinct FNSKU label.

**FBA Carton Labels for Shipping Efficiency**

How can I generate FBA carton labels for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

Complete the online form in your Amazon Seller Central account to generate FBA carton labels.

What if my shipment is divided across multiple fulfillment centers?

Ensure your supplier labels each carton with the appropriate FBA label, as each FBA ID has a unique label. If not, mark the containers with the Amazon SKU.

**Pallet Labels for LTL Shipments**

When is palletization required for Amazon LTL or Beeontrade LTL?

 Palletization is necessary before delivering to Amazon with Beeontrade LTL or Amazon LTL.

How are pallet labels applied?

Pallet labels will be applied at the warehouse, and Beeontrade requests access to your Amazon Seller Central account for pallet label application.

**Options for Packing Full Container Loads (FCL)**

What choices do I have for packing a complete container for Amazon?

Choose between palletizing or floor-loading your cargo. If palletizing, use pallet labels at the point of origin.

Are FBA labels applicable at a Beeontrade warehouse for FCL shipments?

FBA labels may be applied at a Beeontrade warehouse only if master cartons are labeled with the Amazon SKU or product name specified in Amazon Seller Central.

Note: Assume responsibility for labeling services at a Beeontrade warehouse if cartons are not tagged.

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