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What Sets Individual Products and Case-Packed Products Apart


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Understanding Amazon Shipment Packing Types

What is the significance of SKUs in Amazon shipments?

SKUs play a crucial role in Amazon shipments. They can be categorized based on the packing type chosen for your products.

How do I determine the packing type for my Amazon shipment?

The choice between individual and case-packed products depends on the SKUs and conditions of the items you are shipping. Here's how to decide:

  • Individual Products: If the SKUs or conditions of the items in a box differ, select this option.
  • Case-Packed Products: If the items in a box have the same SKUs and terms and will be sold separately, choose this option.

What is the difference between Multi-packs and Case Packs?

It's essential to understand the distinction between multi-packs and case packs:

  • Multi-packs: These are sold as sets, meaning the bundled items are treated as a single unit.
  • Case Packs: Products in a case pack are sold separately, even if they share the same SKUs.

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