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Why Aren't Customs Costs Included in My Quote


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What Costs Are Not Included in Beeontrade's Quote?

The quote provided by Beeontrade does not include several additional costs. Let's break them down:

Customs Duties

Are customs duties included in Beeontrade's quote?

No, customs duties are not included.

How can I estimate customs duties?

You can estimate customs duties by using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule code for your product.

Customs Exams

What if my shipment undergoes customs exams?

Customs exams may be conducted randomly, and the associated costs will be the responsibility of the importer.

Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF)

Is the Harbor Maintenance Fee included in the quote?

No, the HMF is not included.

How is the HMF calculated?

The HMF is charged for imports to the U.S. through ocean ports and is calculated based on the declared value of the cargo.

Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF)

 Is the Merchandise Processing Fee part of the initial quote?

No, the MPF is not included.

How is the MPF calculated?

The MPF is charged for most imports to the U.S. and is calculated based on the declared value of the cargo, with a minimum fee of $26.22 and a maximum of $508.70.

Fees from Partner Government Agencies

Are there any additional fees from Partner Government agencies?

If your product falls under the jurisdiction of a Partner Government agency (such as the FDA, USDA, or FWS), there may be an additional fee listed on your invoice.

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