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Why Is My Invoice Higher Than My Quote


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Understanding Invoice Discrepancies in Shipping Costs

Why might my invoice be higher than the initial quote?

 Your invoice could be higher due to additional charges that were not part of the original quote.

What are some common additional charges?

  • Customs charges
  • Freight insurance
  • Unforeseen costs like trucking wait time and storage charges.

Why aren't these costs included in the initial quote?

 The initial quote is an estimate based on the information provided, excluding unknowns like customs charges and unforeseen costs.

How do modifications in shipment impact the invoice?

  • If actual shipment measurements exceed those in the quote, the invoice will be higher.
  • Additional fees not in the initial invoice can result in a second invoice.

What is the basis for the final invoice amount?

The final invoice is based on the actual shipment measurements, potentially surpassing the quoted amount.

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