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Will Beeontrade Handle Communication With My Supplier


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How Does Beeontrade Handle Communication with Your Supplier?

What is Beeontrade's Role in Shipment Communication?

Beeontrade takes care of all communication with your supplier when you book a shipment. Here are the key details:

What Communication Services Does Beeontrade Provide?

  • Coordinating Pickup and Delivery Times: Beeontrade coordinates the pickup and delivery times with your supplier, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  • Providing Shipping Instructions: The team provides shipping instructions to your supplier, ensuring they are aware of the specific requirements for the shipment.
  • Tracking Updates: Beeontrade offers tracking updates, keeping you and your supplier informed about the shipment's progress.
  • Issue Resolution: In case any issues arise during the shipping process, Beeontrade addresses them promptly and effectively.

How Can You Ensure Smooth Communication?

To ensure that Beeontrade can communicate effectively with your supplier, follow these steps:

What Information Should You Provide?

  • Supplier's Contact Information: When creating a quote in the Beeontrade app, make sure to provide your supplier's contact information. This includes their name, email, and phone number.

By providing this essential information, you enable Beeontrade to start coordinating with your supplier immediately upon booking the shipment. This ensures that the entire process runs smoothly.

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